State and Local Property Taxation  

  • Appeals/Reductions for Commercial Owners/Taxpayers

  • Analysis and Report of Changes in Assessed Properties From Prior to Current Years 

  • Forecasts of Future Year Taxes Based Upon Changes in Valuation and Known Tax Rates by Jurisdiction

  • Monitoring and Evaluating Assessments

  • Filing Complaints before Administrative Bodies to Contest Assessments

  • Filing Lawsuits in Circuit Courts

  • Reviewing Tax Bills for Accuracy

  • Filing Petitions for Tax Divisions

  • Consultation, Tax Projection, Analysis and Forecasting 

Real Estate Exemptions/Pollution Control Certification 

Property Tax Incentives and Abatements

Special Use Real Estate/Real vs. Personal Property Dilemmas

Commercial & Residential Real Estate - Purchase and Sale Agreements/Leases/Zoning Law

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